Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness programs costs the Earth right? And workplace wellness is really only accessible to multi million dollar companies?

WRONG! My workplace wellness options are designed specifically for small to medium sized businesses. First rate, professional workplace wellness options at an affordable price.

Recreating lunch options offered by a workplace canteen

Are you?

  • A forward thinking small or medium sized business owner / manager?
  • Seeking an affordable and unique way to reward, engage and motivate your staff?
  • Interested in improving workplace morale, boosting your bottom line and creating a healthy workplace environment?

My program is designed for you and your business.

My Point of Difference

You deal with me directly. Most workplace wellness companies act like a procurement agency, outsourcing health professionals to deliver a program. This is fantastic for a large corporation but not affordable for an SME. I will work with you, the owner/manager directly to design and deliver a program suited to your needs, budget and goals.

Tailored Workplace Wellness Options:

Below are some of the inclusions you may want to build into a tailored program for your business:

  • Individual health assessments: weight, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, body fat and muscle analysis
  • Lunchtime seminar/s: which can cover a variety of topics such as preparing healthy workplace lunches / eating for memory and concentration / optimizing nutrition for mental health and happiness
  • A ’30 day wellness challenge’ which can be run in teams or individually
  • Nutritionist ‘on site’ for the day; to allow your staff to seek individual health advice
  • Assessment of current canteen options and recommendations (i.e. if you have a canteen on site, I can provide you with feedback regarding the calorie, carbohydrate, fat and protein content of each option as well as advice to make these options healthier)
  • Option to include group exercise sessions to enhance camaraderie in the workplace


The program can be tailored to suite the needs of your business. The above represents ideas and concepts only. 

Lunchtime seminars
Workplace Wellness Program Costs:

Stand alone lunchtime seminars start from as little as $250 and 30 day programs start from as little as $999 . Factors that may affect total cost include size of the business, location of the business and tailored requests. 50% payment is required prior to commencing services and 50% on completion.

Business Owners take note:

  • Statistics tell us that the average cost of absenteeism to businesses is $2741 per employee, per annum (based on a 2013 survey)
  • More than 70% of businesses consider absenteeism to be extremely costly to their organisation
  • An Australian research study found that healthier employees are almost three times more effective than less health employees

How much are workplace absenteeism and under productive, unmotivated, disengaged staff costing you? There is a solution… 

  • Global research has shown that when employee health and wellness is managed, engagement levels of employees rises from 7% to 55%, while creativity and innovation rises from 20% to 72%.
  • Employees regard wellness programs as a good reason to remain with their employer and programs benefit both workplace health and workplace culture.

    According to studies, the average business will save $5.81 for every $1 invested in employee health and wellbeing*. 


Workplace Info, 2013. Absenteeism: the Latest Australian Trend. Report available here.

Australian Government: Comcare. Benefits to Businesses: the Evidence for Investing in Worker Health and Wellbeing. Available here.

*Based on research conducted in Chicago, America by the Chapman Institute.

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