Can I help you?

Who can benefit from seeing a Nutritionist.

Hmmm. You. Me. The entire population.

Nutrition is the biggest game changer in health. It is the building blocks for every cell in the body, nutrients ‘speak’ to our DNA so I’m not joking, everyone will get value from seeing a Nutritionist.

But specifically, I can provide evidence based nutrition advice and therapeutic supplements to a wide range of conditions. Check out some of my blogs and the other pages under this tab for detailed information about specific conditions. There isn’t much that I haven’t seen in clinic.

Tertiary trained nutritionists also study pharmacology so we have an understanding of any pharmaceutical medication you may be taking. This is important – there are nutrition options that enhance your therapy and there are other things we need to avoid when someone is taking drugs. In addition, some drugs reduce the availability of certain vitamins and minerals and its important we ‘top these up’ to avoid long term deficiencies.

You might be thinking ‘she sounds like a generalist.’ The truth is, I’ve thought about and even edged down the pathway towards specializing in particular areas. But research fascinates me. Understanding the body, nutrients , hormones and chemicals on a biochemical level blows my mind. So I can tell you that I will treat you:

-as an individual

-using up to date research

-give advice that is realistic

-explain to you my recommendations and why

-provide you with a realistic time frame to achieve your health goals.

What to expect from a consultation
  • Initial consultations go for an hour and a half
  • Follow up consultations go for 45 – 60 minutes
  • I do ask lots of questions; please be prepared for this. Your full health history matters. All the parts of your body interact so I will work through a comprehensive health check
  • Consultations are completely confidential
  • I am a results orientated practitioner, however if you have been unwell for some time, I can’t wave a magic wand and fix everything. I do commit to laying out a treatment plan to give you a realistic idea of how long it will take for you to feel well again.
  • I am likely to prescribe supplements. Its part of my job as a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner. Its up to you whether you choose to take them, but again – results.
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Not local?
  • No problems. Let’s SKYPE. I Skype all the time. Call the clinic first to book in and we can go from there. Or email me if you are overseas in a different time zone! I have been known to Skype at 5am in order to make this happen…. in my pjs (just kidding 😉 ).
Got questions?
  • If you are wondering whether or not I can help you, just drop me a quick email and give me a run down on your health. If I don’t feel I can help you I will honestly say so.
  • You can follow my Facebook and Instagram page to get to know me a little. You’ll realise I am passionate about health and I am also a human.
 Assessment tools I use in clinic

As a Nutritionist I can and do organise the following tests if I believe they are required:

  • Blood tests
  • Urinary hormone analysis
  • DNA testing
  • Methylation status
  • Mineral status
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Stool analysis

In clinic I also have a body composition scanning device and often take blood pressure and blood glucose. In house cholesterol testing (including triglycerides, LDL and HDL breakdowns) can also be arranged. Testing is not always necessary, but sometimes required.

How to book a health consultation:
  • Call my clinic on 07 3398 1977 and request to book in for an initial consultation. You will receive a short health appraisal questionnaire to complete prior to coming in. Please bring with you a copy of any recent pathology tests or other information that may be relevant.
  • Please respect that I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. I consult from Tuesday to Saturday and after hours so I make myself as available as possible to allow for busy schedules.
Ph: 07 3398 1977 /


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