Type I and Type II Diabetes

proactive!I prefer to work intensely with type I and type II Diabetics over a 3 month period. In my experience, this time frame yields excellent results and also represents the usual time period between blood tests – so we can compare important blood markers and see the improvements.

A 3 month package includes the following:

-Initial consultation: body composition analysis, review of most recent blood tests, review of current diet and medication*, review of all other health and lifestyle indicators including mental health, sleep and exercise habits.
-Full report addressing all of the above with  my recommendations and supporting documentation (research etc.). Includes a full dietary plan accounting for current lifestyle, working hours, situation and personal palate.
-Shopping tour (IF local.)
-Second follow up consultation** to answer questions and check in. Additional resources for food ideas provided
-Intensive review period: client keeps a detailed food log with associated, regular BG readings for 3 day ‘blocks’ and I review this. We then discuss strategies for introducing foods in the future so the client has the knowledge and confidence to understand his own BG response (which is unique in each and every diabetic)
-Final full follow up consultation at the end of 3 month period, redoing body composition analysis and reviewing new pathology results. Final guidance and advice provided.

Local cost $485 for local, Brisbane clients who wish to do the package face to face.

Remote cost $395, noting that the program is just as effective if done by Skype / phone.

My services are most likely rebatable through your private health insurance. Payment can be made as a lump sum or by payment plan over 12 weeks. Yes, my services are available as ‘1 off’ consultations, ‘pay as you go’ but I prefer to work intensely over a period of time as it yields maximum commitment and results.

*obviously I do not prescribe or advice on medication, however I need to understand what the client is on and what the effects are so I can treat properly. **donates that this consultation is done by Skype or phone

To read about past successes with Diabetic clients, please refer to the blog.

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