Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance is a sustainable, food based, nutritional solution to hormone balancing, long term health and weight loss.

Metabolic Balance was designed by a German Medical Doctor and is backed by decades of clinical research and expertise.  Here’s how the program works:

  • Clients attend a pathology lab for blood tests, the results of which are used to formulate a nutritional plan precisely suited to their own body chemistry. This is completely unique to each individual – partners embarking on this journey together will receive distinctly different plans.
  • Using this food plan as a foundation, 4 specific phases are followed under the guidance of a Metabolic Balance practitioner (i.e. me).

For anyone who feels that they have tried every diet under the sun to reach a healthy weight, metabolic balance is for you.

  • These phases take 3-4 months in total and over this time hormones are balanced, chronic disease markers are improved, inflammation is lowered and weight is released. In this way, the program is not just about weight, it is about health. 

Many women with hormonal imbalances (e.g. PCOS / post menopause) struggle with their weight and their health. Metabolic Balance is designed to balance these hormones therefore restoring health and releasing weight for life.

  • The program is a true partnership between practitioner and client. A minimum of 7 consultations are involved and its this support that enables long lasting success.
  • The program is a food only plan. There are no shakes and no meal replacement bars. It’s about true nutrigenomics – the ability of real, wholesome nutrition to have a positive influence on every cell in the body.

Metabolic Balance is not a quick fix. It does involve food preparation and learning how to eat for your own body. It is not based on any particular diet – it is truly just for you. It is sustainable and it may take time to reach your healthy weight. It does involve embracing change, experiencing new tastes and gaining a new lease on life. It is about partnering with a coach and feeling supported. Its a lifestyle.

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