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Working with a Nutritionist

Below is a list of questions I am frequently asked by inquiring new clients.  If your question isn’t here then email me or even better give me a call 07 3398 1977 – sometimes it’s better to have a quick chat to ensure we ‘fit together’ before we work together.

What are your fees?

There are several options for new clients wanting to book in and work with me. I have found, over the last few years of practicing that I generally see clients a minimum of 3 times, spread out over a couple of months. More complex cases will mean more bookings over a longer period of time and simpler cases like basic dietary advice may only require a couple of appointments.

When I first see a client, I like to be thorough, which means writing up our treatment aims, checking out any relevant research and ensuring that I provide adequate written notes following our consultations. This ensures that we both know what we are trying to achieve together and how we are going to get there. However, this also takes me a considerable amount of time – sometimes I spend a couple of hours on a file after consulting. In mid-2017, I altered my pricing structure to reflect this. Purchasing 3 consultations as a bundle presents the best value. If you would prefer to only purchase 1 consult at a time, then you choose whether you would like a follow up report or consultation only, as outlined below.


3 consultations purchased in advance (payment by credit card at time of booking)


-Initial 90 minute consultation

-2 x follow up consultations (2nd consult best booked within 3 weeks of initial)

-Written report including treatment aims, initial and follow up nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Sent within 48 hours of initial appointment and built on at each appointment.

*Supplementation is not included



*Supplementation is not included

(best value option, $349 if purchased singularly)

Initial consultation including report -Initial 90 minute consultation

-Written report including treatment aims, initial and follow up nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Sent within 48 hours of initial appointment and built on at each appointment.

*Supplementation is not included



Initial consultation only -Initial 90 minute consultation

(does not include follow up report after consultation)


Note: all follow up consultations are $89 and take 45-50 minutes duration.

Athletes: if you are a long distance athlete wanting to work with me, I strongly recommend the 3 consult bundle. You will need a written report and follow up appointments will be required to track progress and plan training and event nutrition.

My partner and I both want to come and see you… do we book in separately? 

Usually, it’s okay if you both come in together, however let’s chat first – 07 3398 1977.

Fees for consulting with 2 people are $199 for initial and $109 follow up.

What should I bring to an appointment?

You should bring copies of your most recent blood tests if you can. I have a Medway portal which permits QML tests to be uploaded directly to me if you provide permission to QML results. Blood results provide another piece of the puzzle as far as your health is concerned. Any other recent testing such as endoscopy / colonoscopy results may be useful as sometimes you won’t remember these details when we are sitting down talking.

You should also bring a full list of any current medication – its critical we see this as we need to ensure that no recommended supplementation contraindicates this medication and even ensure that dietary changes account for this medication too. This is professional and safe practice.

Please bring a photo of the label (or the bottle itself) of any vitamins / minerals / natural supplements you are taking too.

Can I take notes in a consultation?

Sure. But if you have opted to receive a report, this probably won’t be necessary.

Are you covered by private health funds?

Some. About 50% of funds cover nutrition. We can’t keep up – funds change their policies and we often don’t find out for 6 months. Please check with your individual fund and ask if you are covered for ‘Nutrition’ if getting a rebate is important to you. Medibank Private is definitely covered – many of the smaller funds also cover nutrition. Again, please check as my time is better spent then calling health funds all day :). Please keep in mind that my fees reflect the work I put into each and every client and many other health professionals do charge far more – and you may only get $10 – $20 back on their services.

Are you covered by Medicare?

No. Medicare do not rebate for Nutritionist services so you can not come to me for a free consultation upon referral by a GP.

Are you the same as a dietitian?

No. What’s the difference? I don’t know as I have not studied dietetics. I am a tertiary trained, degree qualified, evidence based nutritional medicine practitioner. I did much of my study surrounded by like minded nutritionists and naturopaths but dietetics is a different study format. Nutrition is very much an evidence based practice but at the same time it is holistic. Physical, mental and spiritual health should be considered in everyone’s treatment plan. Unlike a dietitian, I was not taught based on the current Australian guidelines or Australian government recommendations – I do believe  that nutrition may be different for every person depending on their disease state, activity level, genome, genetic background and ethnicity and therefore I can make very varied recommendations. And formulate quite different treatment options for different clients.

Do you like Paleo?

Paleo – just like intermittent fasting, autoimmune diets, gluten free diets, low FODMAP plans, vegetarian eating styles – has its place and may be appropriate for some individuals depending on the symptoms, presentation and diagnosis. It may be appropriate for a short time or a long time. Again, individuality. Everyone is different. I have seen clients who have suffered from a variety of complaints for many years so experimenting with various styles of eating and some initial drastic changes is often what is called for.

In my experience, as people ‘get better’ the diet can become more varied again and doesn’t require a ‘label.’

What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Naturopath?

A Nutritionist generally only works with nutritional medicine in the form of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals. We don’t use a lot of herbal medicine which a naturopath may choose first. Nutritionists will also prioritize changes to the diet of an individual (even if they are slow, sustainable changes) as correcting diet and lifestyle are paramount to restoring health.

The actual format of a nutritionist and naturopath visit are similar – health history, followed by treatment aims, nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and supplements where necessary. The ‘tools’ we choose may be slightly different. I do have a Naturopath in my clinic.

Can you order blood tests?

Yes. I can order most blood tests and will if necessary. However, these tests will be at a cost to you as Medicare will not cover them. I only order further testing if it is absolutely necessary.

I just have some basic health questions – can I see you? 

Yes – I love proactive people. Come on in! No problem or question is too easy or too hard!

Do you use any other testing?

Yes – I have a VLA body composition tool in clinic which tells me body fat and muscle percentage amongst other things. Sometimes I work with Jupiter Health and organise metabolic testing especially for athletes. I can order a whole host of functional medicine testing and the ones I use most frequently are DUTCH Hormone testing and Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (this is different to a fecal PCR you may have done through your GP). I have also used neurotransmitter testing (you can read about my experience here) and can organize allergy / intolerance testing and a whole host of other tests if required. 

Generally, I see a client for an initial consultation, go over treatment aims and proposed treatment options and then we monitor improvements. Testing is not always required. However, when it is, those listed above are the ones I know, trust and get excellent results with.

What do you treat the most? 

A bit of everything it seems at the moment… I am loving working with women with years of hormonal imbalances right now. Nutritional medicine is incredible for PCOS in particular. I also have several clients who have had unexplained IBS for a very long time getting excellent results. I also love working with adolescents -check that out here.

I am fascinated by autoimmune conditions and my heart goes out to people who have one. The origins are so interesting – generally triggered by virus or emotional / chronic stress – with a very strong genetic component. I am seriously considering doing a masters in this area as I feel that most areas of medicine (both natural and conventional) fail to provide many answers or effective treatment options here.

What is your availability?

I work Tues to Sat and I will basically make myself available from 7:30am until 7:30pm if you require early or late appointments…. but please don’t cancel at the last minute! :).

I am a student… can I come and observe? 

I currently have a student in the clinic 1 day per week who observes consults and we workshop cases – if this is what you are looking for then give me a call and we can discuss it perhaps.

Can I just see you for like, half an hour? 

Look, it’s taken me a while to really work out what works for me and what works for clients.   I made some doozie errors when I was starting out and I have experimented heaps. But I want results for you and you want results too. And I have found that the format I use to currently practice including a written treatment report after most consultations really works well. If this doesn’t suit you then I may not be the right practitioner for you.

I know I am blunt but again, this is my personality and I really want to help the people who need me.

I want to lose weight, can you help me?

Yes BUT please be prepared to accept that there might be more to consider than just your weight. What is driving the weight problem? Thyroid, hormones, emotional stuff? I don’t do quick fixes. We need to get to the bottom of all of this so that any changes made are for life. Also I will teach you how to eat, but I will not provide you with a rigid, set, calorie controlled, ‘you must eat this’ minute by minute plan for everyday. Gym challenges take care of this and in my experience these types of program still don’t really teach people a sustainable way of maintaining weight and health.

Do you do calorie controlled plans?

See previous question. And the short answer is no, I really prefer not too as it doesn’t address the issue in the first place. Plus, the concept that we are all going to require exactly the same amount of food everyday is a little strange… each day our physical, mental and bodily demands are different…. we all have an innate sixth sense built into us called appetite, I really think we need to learn how to listen to our bodies once again….

Why do you have a dispensary of herbal and nutritional supplements?

Because what I have access to is quite frankly incomparable to what they sell in chemists and supermarkets. Therapeutically dosed supplementation properly formulated gets results – cheap vitamins laden with fillers do not.

Do you believe in food as medicine? 

To an extent… I believe that having a healthy diet and lifestyle can prevent a lot of disease. BUT I don’t believe that someone is likely to cure themselves from a disease or serious condition by changing their diet…. there is a time and a place for pharmaceutical medication and a time and a place for natural medicine – leave this to the professionals to decide when and how much. These 2 can work side by side by the way and I do believe this is the future of healthcare. There is also a big difference between consuming foods with healing components and taking them as a supplement…. for example, consuming fermented foods may be appropriate for some but we can’t necessary measure the exact amount and strain of probiotic concentration in a sauerkraut portion whereas we do have that information about a supplement and the research to back it…. similarly, taking high strength curcumin appropriately formulated with the right co factors has been shown to be effective for conditions such as arthritis BUT you won’t get the same effect from drinking a golden latte…..  although I’m not arguing that its a bad lifestyle practice by any means! Likewise components of brassica vegetables have a therapeutic use in hormone health in nutritional medicine and are in concentrated amounts in some supplements. BUT in order to get the same result through food you would need to eat about 2kg of broccoli per day…. Basically, there is a time and place for concentrated intervention and this should be overseen by a professional.

I do believe (and I see it time and time again) that natural medicine together with lifestyle and dietary changes can see someone in remission from serious illness and in better health than ever before. This is what I love most about my job.


I’m sorry, I hate the word diet and I used it all over this page! 

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