Walking the Line

It’s a new year, which means that most people have new goals. Personal, financial, business or health, goal setting is a wonderful way to create intentions and move to the next level. BUT, there’s a catch and it’s something that shows up in clinic time and time again.

It’s the dark side of pushing over the line to get to that next level. Continue reading Walking the Line

Bone Health: Forgotten Nutrients

Osteoporosis due to poor bone health is a significant global, public health concern with over 200 million sufferers worldwide. Like so many chronic diseases, these statistics could be slashed significantly if good nutrition and lifestyle practices were prioritized throughout life. With world Osteoporosis Day approaching I was asked to speak on bone health and nutrition on radio and I’ve summarized the points I made in that interview below. Continue reading Bone Health: Forgotten Nutrients

Probiotics – What you need to know

Thanks to the emerging interest in all things ‘gut health’ related I am seeing many clients coming into the clinic who are already taking a probiotic.

9 times out of 10, after taking a case history, I arrive at the inevitable point that the probiotic they are taking isn’t going to work out for them and it’s probably doing very little to help their specific condition. So, to help your hip pocket, here are some basic things to consider if you simply want to purchase a probiotic for ‘general gut health’ so you spend your $ on something useful. Continue reading Probiotics – What you need to know

Cutting the Crap

In the past few months I’ve made a couple of observations. Firstly, health and wellness has been identified as a ‘trending’ industry. One that big food, big pharma and network marketing giants are closing in on with dollar signs for eyeballs. Heck, as I write this, I’m about to board a flight from Melbourne and you know what hit me as I turned out of airport security into the airport lounge area? A massive neon sign that read ‘health and wellness’ above a bunch of poor quality vitamins, wedged between the confectionery and alcohol stands. Continue reading Cutting the Crap


Following are some important points about supplementation with vitamins, minerals and herbs.
Firstly, a large part of my degree was focused around the prescription of specific and therapeutically dosed supplements for relevant conditions and situations. I do feel strongly that the prescription of high quality and appropriately dosed nutritional medicine supplements can bring someone’s health to a whole new level and furthermore, that this is important in chronic or acute situations.  Hence I do have a relatively large dispensary in my clinic.
I feel that those who really understand nutritional biochemistry –
that we really are the sum of the nutrients we take in – may have some understanding of how powerful the right supplement prescriptions can be. Continue reading Supplements

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Bread!

That’s right. It’s not bread.  I’m talking about those loaves you buy in the supermarket for $2 a pop. I hate to be the messenger of bad news. You see, each week when I sit in front of new clients, I get the same feedback – ‘bread seems to make me bloated and give me wind.’ Sure, some of these clients have genuine issues with gluten and wheat, but many…. could simply benefit from addressing quality rather than giving it away entirely.  Continue reading I Can’t Believe it’s Not Bread!

Thyroid, Iron and Cardiovascular Health

Thyroid Conditions

This may sound like a very ‘specific’ blog post and that’s because it is. It’s inspired by a few recent client cases who share similar pathology results, namely sub-optimal thyroid performance, compromised iron levels and undesirable cholesterol profiles. The relationship between these 3 markers is actually intertwined. Fixing one can not be done completely without fixing the others, so let’s take a ‘whole-istic’ look at how they interrelate.  Continue reading Thyroid, Iron and Cardiovascular Health

2017: reversing Australia’s health crisis

Happy New Year

And welcome to 2017.
I spent the holiday period decompressing and considering my pathway forward for 2017. Over the break, I was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of conflicting nutritional advice that popped up on my social media feed from others in the health industry ranging from personal trainers, weekender nutritionists and right through to PhD qualified industry leaders. Continue reading 2017: reversing Australia’s health crisis

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