Thanks for dropping by. I am Katie King aka the Balanced Nutritionist. If you are here for some general nutrition advice, check out my blog posts. If you want to know a bit more about what I stand for, you can listen to some of my radio chats over on my media page or tune into my podcast, The Nourished Wrap. And if you want to dive in and work with me to improve your health contact me here.

“I went to Katie to sort out some issues I was having with my diabetes that doctors did not seem to be able to help me with and after only 1 or 2 visits my glucose levels were stable, I was able to reduce the medication that i was taking and I lost weight. I am also a cyclist and prior to seeing her I was having a lot of hypos after rides, the information Katie has given me has resolved those problems as well.” Gary D.¬†

I passionately believe the following:

  • We are ALL responsible for our own health. You make a choice everyday to either feed disease or fight it through the food you choose to put in your mouth, how you move your body and the thoughts that go through your mind.
  • I was put on this Earth to contribute something, just as you were. I can contribute by sharing my knowledge about nutrition, lifestyle and nutritional medicine with those people that I cross paths with so that they can be the healthiest versions of themselves. I can also help people to put this knowledge into practice and turn it into habit.
  • Nutrition and natural health have a lot to offer in combating disease and putting people on the path to long term health. ¬†However, evidence based approaches are still critical for the success of our industry and the success of our treatments. I practice with this in mind, always.
  • Nutrition is fundamental to health. If you understand biochemistry, you won’t argue with this. Every process in the body is dependent on getting the right food and nutrients. True story. Health has EVERYTHING to do with what you eat and going back to point number one above, this is your responsibility.

Feel free to look around this site, comment, share my posts (if you like them) and contact me if you want to get on top of your health now.


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